Tynedale Beer Festival 2016

Once again, we can announce that we are playing at the brilliant Tynedale Beer Festival. Please note, we will be headlining on the Saturday! Hope to see you there. Information and tickets available at: http://www.tynedalebeerfestival.org.uk/


theBABOONs are now on Facebook. We hope to develop this as another communications and news option. Please have a look. See us at  Facebook – theBABOONS

Tynedale Beer Festival 2015

Once again we are delighted to be playing at the brilliant Tynedale Beer Festival on Friday 19th June 2015. Please note, this is a revised date. Check  www.tynedalebeerfestival.org.uk/   for full details. What to expect:

About theBABOONs

theBABOONS, established in the north east of England over twenty years ago (previously The Johnny Baboon Band), have brought their musical energies and enthusiasms to many events, delighting audiences at venues large and small across the region. Their live music is designed for dancing, and draws from rock, pop, soul, blues and jazz from the good times you remember, and…